Apex Truck Race (game board)

Apex Truck Race (game Board)

Set in the Apex Universe, K-Truck Racer is a boardgame that pitches 2 to 6 players in the role of truck drivers who must smuggle valuable resources just stolen from a Corporation.  Driving their metalic beasts armed with heavy guns and powered by a revolutionary kinetic technology, they must race to the drop zone confronting Corporation agents whose mission is to hunt them down, while keeping an eye open for fellow drivers willing to do anything to prove they are the fastest, boldest and nastiest K-Truck Racer. 


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Escute o seu corpo

Escute o seu corpo

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Caixa Económica Federal

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First Lady (Beer)

First Lady

Primeira Dama é uma cerveja inspirada nas mulheres que lutam, que vencem e se impõem. Uma cerveja no estilo Fruit Wheat. Mas poderia ser qualquer outro estilo, assim como as mulheres podem ser o que quiserem. É uma cerveja leve e refrescante, com alto drinkability.


Quatro Poderes Beer

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